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Looking for the perfect addition to your team–the one who’ll write words that SPARK your audience into buying or subscribing? You’ve come to the right place.

If you’ve been looking for a writer for a while, you might be tired, frustrated, and overwhelmed. Writing creative copy is no easy task. There are tons of people who claim they can write, but only a handful of us actually can.

Words make all the difference. Your website and products are only subpar until you add brilliant expression that bring your brand to life.

You have enough things to do. You’re running the ship. If you want to skyrocket your growth, you’ll need to work on your business, not in it.

That means you need to outsource your brilliant ideas to creative people who can make them happen.

Are you ready for captivating writing that will glue your prospects to your page?

Let me help you.

Here are the clients I work for:

✓ Natural Hair Bloggers

✓ Hair and Skin Care E-Commerce Store Owners, Including Hair Extension Suppliers

✓ Skin and Hair Care Product Manufacturers

Contact me and let’s get started on the words that will turn prospects into buyers. Do it now, even if you are not sure I’ll fit your style. Remember, a good copywriter like me will adapt to YOUR brand.

Email me directly at to discuss your project!


Let’s Grow Your Business

I am a seasoned writer who will:

Convert prospects into buyers. That’s the whole point. We need to increase your sales so you can thrive… and hire me again.

Communicate with you. You will get messages from me every other day if I sense you like it. You will get a few questions too, if I need further clarification on the project.

Follow deadlines. Expect the dang thing to come in on time. It might even come in early.

Impress you. You WILL BE HAPPY with the result. If you aren’t, I’ll revise it until you are smiling out of sheer glee.

If any of this is what you need, let’s talk. I am easy to work with and will keep your content fresh.

About Your Writer

Here’s a few details about me, and how I can help you. I am:

✓ Part of your target audience. I have natural hair, and I shop regularly for natural hair care products, including hair extensions.

Native English speaker, born in sunny Los Angeles, California. I’m in touch with the latest trends, so your blog will never go stale.

Bachelor’s degree in English. I’m fully committed to my craft.

✓ A captivating writer, with five years of professional writing experience.

Inexpensive. Snag me before my rates go up.

You like?

Good. Me too.

We can work by message, Skype, or phone–whichever way you’d like.

Do you already have an idea for the project? Let me know, and I’ll put your ideas on paper. I am easy to work with and can collaborate with you and other members of the team.

Hire me now before your competitor does. 


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